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This website will no longer be updated. To find the newest computer generated basketball betting predictions please follow the link to btng.be.

Welcome to basketball-predictor.com – a website which presents computer generated basketball betting predictions. All betting probabilities, presented here are calculated by the program Basketball Predictor, which provides betting predictions for basketball matches from the National Basketball Association.

What can you find on this site? You can see some of the latest betting predictions made through Basketball Predictor’s calculation. On your right you will find quick access to all basketball picks, arranged according to the type of bet they have been made.

There, you will also be able to find the profit / loss balance made from all Basketball Predictor bets. It is important to note that all bets are made with the principle of Flat betting and for each bet is used only one unit.

Bets are made in several categories: Point Spread, Game Totals, Team Totals, Additional Point Spread, Additional Game Totals, Money Line, Winning Margin, Winning Margin 12-Way, Winning Margin 3-Way, Winning Margin 7-Way and Race to 20. For each of these is presented the current profit / loss balance at the moment with the number of bets made this season so far.

By clicking through all these categories you can very easily select only the type of bets you are interested in or all betting predictions at once. Furthermore, on the menu above you can see the probabilities, calculated by Basketball Predictor for all NBA matches.

If you have a look at any of them you would see that the program offers a probability percentage for each of the possible outcomes in a basketball match. Once we have this valuable information and combine it with the odds offered by the bookmakers we can easily determine which of the possible bets on NBA matches has a value bet and where it is not advisable to wager your money.

In general, when we select our bets using the calculations provided by Basketball Predictor, we are guided by the principle to bet only when we have at least 60% value. If several bets of the same type pass this limit, we choose the one which according to the program is the most likely to happen. Of course, the information offered by Basketball Predictor can be interpreted individually and therefore the selected matches and bets could vary.

The profit / loss balance for each of the bet types is updated daily, so anytime the visitors of basketball-predictor.com can be sure that they have adequate information.

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A few words about the program itself. Basketball Predictor is written on C# and runs on Windows. It analyses the data of the last six meetings of each of the two teams and on that base offers its percentage probabilities. The program is designed to calculate additional factors such as a drop in motivation when one of the teams has a major lead in the results, home court effect and others.

Each program which offers computer-generated basketball picks, Basketball Predictor included, has its drawbacks. Basketball Predictor is a program which could give you the desired profit in a huge range of bets. Basketball Predictor is not a software that can accurately predict the outcome of only one match. However, it is a program that gives excellent results with a hundred or more bets. For example, the program doesn’t take into account factors like injured important players. This is something to keep in mind when using the probabilities proposed by Basketball Predictor.

After everything that has been said, it remains only to have fun with our basketball predictions and the matches of the great masters of the game from NBA. All of us who stand behind Basketball Predictor sincerely hope that basketball betting is just fun for you and nothing more. We do not believe that gambling can be a profitable endeavour in general. We believe that betting on sports events and in particular basketball games can lead to serious problems and loss of large sums of money if you lose your control.

If you want to contact us, you can do this from the Contacts section. All basketball live scores, which you can see in basketball-predictor.com are taken courtesy from Livescore.in.

Good luck!