About us

Who are we?

We are the group of guys who love basketball, but we also like to compete with each other by guessing the outcomes of the matches. Previously we used to do that on “Google Sheets”, but as our group grew, the manual work to calculate a score after each match became tedious. In our opinion, the competition has to be fun and less boring, so we have created this website not only for us, but for other basketball lovers too.

What does this website do?

This website allows you as a user to predict each basketball match outcome and compete with your friends in private groups. The calculation will be done automatically by the website as soon as the match is over and scores are approved. No manual work!!! Join, predict, invite friends, compete and see who is the best guesser!

Our vision

We believe that together with the help of all basketball lovers, we can have a convenient place to compete with friends. Our goal is to make competitions more interesting and entertaining. Currently this website provides only basic functions and we hope that with YOUR help and contribution we will be able to add new features and improve it! If you have any questions or suggestions please fill “Contact us” form and let us know your opinion. Let’s build and enhance this website together.